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Robert F Bernstock’s career of successes

November 22, 2020

Many, many, many years of dedicated, driven work have led Robert F Bernstock to today. His career spans several decades, dating back to 1992 when he began to thrive in the business world. Since then, his opinion has been taken with high esteem and his ideas have been applied successfully to companies small and large -- even companies listed among the Fortune 1000.

Bob Bernstock has acted as an executive leader, marketer and consultant across the field. He’s led three Fortune 1000 brands and served as president of the United States’ largest federal government agency. His experience also includes membership among many Boards of Director in both the private and public spaces. Bernstock’s expertise with change management, strategic planning, innovation, team building and organizational development have led to numerous successes across the business landscape. His consulting work and business acumen continue to be sought today because of the many accomplishments littered across his multi-decade career. Nearly 30 years in the industry and Bernstock remains a sought-after business success.

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